Clipping Path


The Digital Retouch offers best-in-class clipping services for photographers, creative agencies, advertising agencies, fashion brands and jewellery brands. A Clipping Path is a vector graphic for outlining an object, generally used for cutting out an object from the background. Using the graphic software, it is created and exported to an image as an embedded path or alpha channel for use in the layout. Several times, this service serves as the first step of editing for other editing services such as Masking, editing of eCommerce images, jewellery images, product photos, manipulating images, etc. We provide a hand-drawn cutting path using the Pen tool which is considered the most powerful tool in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to produce the highest quality. Our highly skilled and experienced team of photo editors pioneers in providing accurate results with fast processing time for high image volume. Our Quality Assurance team ensures that the highest quality is maintained and that the specifications are fulfilled in the images provided.

We create Clipping Path for:

• Single Object
• Multiple parts of an object
• Multiple Objects
• Skin & Cloth
• Most complex objects ex: Bicycle, Chains
• Deep Etch
• Background Removal
• Masking
• Alpha Mask
• Color Masking

While making Cut-Out is the basic level of post-production, many times it becomes a challenge for photographers, production companies, fashion brands, online shop to edit them. This is primarily because they have less time to spend on graphics software to edit their pictures. Postproduction of a large volume of images in a short period of time is another major challenge. Here is the role of The Digital Retouch- which is considered one of the best Image Editing Companies in the USA, UK, Australia, and the rest of Europe.

The Digital Retouch ensures:
1- Adherence to the specifications or instructions for an image or a large batch of images.
2- Guaranteed delivery of Edited images before the deadline
3- Premium Quality
4- Confidentiality & Data Protection
5- Budget-friendly Price

The Digital Retouch has focused on investing in a highly qualified, experienced and certified team of professionals and having state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as the latest technologies. For this reason, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner with a high reputation in the industry for image editing services and web development.