Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouching Services refers to the removal of all imperfections of an image, which generally includes making Clipping Path, Beauty Retouching, correction of colors and tones, the removal of stains and dark circles, change of brightness, contrast, and saturation among other enhancements. Apart from that, it may involve airbrushing, which means removing some elements from the background or adding elements that were not in the photo initially.

Photo Editing is the basic adjustment where the cropping of images and correction of the exposure and color temperature is done. The term “photo editing” is often used in place of “photo retouching”. Furthermore, some photographers assert that editing is the process of filtering camera raw files from the photoshoot and reducing the collection to the best pictures.

Photo Enhancing generally refers to the enhancement of the overall style and appearance of an image. For example, change the color scheme (black and white), tone, or vignette. Usually, these improvements are done after the retouching to make all the images from the photoshoot belong to a certain mood or feel and make sure the colors are consistent within the gallery.

Post Production or Post Processing is a combination of all of the above. It includes performing all retouching and manipulation to bring out the desired result in the edited picture. 

The Importance of Photo Retouching

Business owners need products that sell, and to do so, you need eye-catching photographs with excellent composition. All you need is Professional Photo Editing Services to take your images to a new level!

Whether you display the products on large billboards, magazines, e-commerce websites, catalogs, or social media pages, professional postproduction is essential. When your pictures are retouched by an expert, you can expect to make more sales and money eventually.

About the Photo Retouching Services

A professional retouching service performs image editing and retouching using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. It consists of modifying or correcting elements such as shadows, lighting, reflections, skin tones, and colors to create impeccable pictures. Retouchers use various tools and techniques such as Masking, Cloning, Frequency Separation, and Pen tool for Clipping Path during post-production to create high-quality product images.

Few Main Retouching Services

Clipping Path/Masking/Background Removal

Invisible Mannequin/Ghost Mannequin Retouching

High-End Fashion Retouching

Product Photo Retouching

eCommerce Image Editing

Jewelry Picture Editing

Photograph Manipulation

Color Correction

Real Estate Picture Retouching

Graphic Design Software: Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, XD, Capture One

Image File Formats: Camera RAW, CR3, NEF, PSD, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, EPS, ARW

The following reasons explain the importance of using a post-production service for your product images:

  • Giving a boost to the brand image
  • Better presentation of the product
  • Experience an increase in online traffic and views
  • Increase in Sale 
  • High Revenue Generation
  • Generate Appeal by its professional appearance
  • Highlight best product features
  • Showing the product range

Product Photo Retouching Techniques & Services

A skilled retouching service is required for making product photos perfect to attract more customers. Graphic Designers retouch the pictures according to the specifications to obtain the best result.

Product image editing most of the time incorporates the clipping path technique which helps in the addition or removal of various elements in the image.

Do you have a product or apparel collection for selling on an eCommerce Website? Invisible Mannequin removal from the cloth can make a huge difference! Buyers will view the apparel from all sides or angles while focusing on only the product, and get the best visual. The wrinkles are smoothened and the shape of the apparel can be made uniform using various tools in graphic design software.

  • Background Clean-Up

A plain or pure white background can help your product look clean, modern, and minimalist on eCommerce websites. This gives the product an outstanding appearance. This is why it’s very important to make sure the dust, scratch, folds, stains, and other distractions are removed during post-processing. 

  • Color Changing

Usually, a product or garment comes in various colors. The Post Production helps in changing the color of the product/garment to all the desired colors. This results in showcasing the product in different colors on the online stores.

  • Reflection Removal

Reflections caused by harsh light are sometimes distracting and undesirable that also resulting in loss of details, especially on reflective objects. By removing reflections, the product’s appearance is made real.

  • Beauty or Model Retouching

If you’d like to achieve picture-perfect skin on a model, Graphic Designers will skilfully remove wrinkles, tattoos, and scars from the body keeping the skin natural. Frequency Separation is used to even out the skin tone and texture while retaining a natural finish!

  • Shape Correction

As clothing is flexible, reshaping them helps achieve balance, symmetry, and uniformity in the product image. Reshaping of cloth or product gives customers a better real-life perspective of the product.

  • Removal of Shadow

Shadows can interfere with product details and create a dark or ugly effect on the product’s appearance. If the studio lighting is appropriate, a skilled retoucher can remove the unwanted shadows and optimize the clothing.

  • Cropping 

Lastly, each product image is cropped to different sizes according to the requirement. That depends on the size of website containers to hold them. Depending on the Aspect Ratio, cropping allows us to achieve a more balanced appearance and center your product.

Best Retouching Practice

Non-destructive Editing is very useful in making all changes or enhancements to an image without overwriting the original image data. The original data of an image remains available if we need to revert at any point in time. In Non-Destructive editing, the quality of an image isn’t lost as this doesn’t remove data from the image.

Non-destructive editing can be performed in Adobe Photoshop in many ways:

  • Adjustment layers: Adjustment layers apply color and tonal enhancements to the image without permanently changing the values of the pixels.
  • Transforming with Smart Objects: Non-destructive scaling, warping, and rotation can be done by Smart Objects.
  • Filtering using Smart Filters: Filters that are applied to Smart Objects make them Smart Filters. They are used for non-destructive filter effects.
  • Variations, shadows, and highlights adjustment: Shadow, Highlight, and Variations commands are generally applied to Smart Object as Smart Filters.
  • Retouching on a separate layer: Various tools such as Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, Content-Aware Patch, and Content-Aware Move non-destructive on a separate layer. Always make sure to select Sample All Layers from the options bar. You can delete retouching which is not up to the mark, if necessary.
  • Editing in Camera Raw: Camera Raw saves and stores the adjustment settings for each image separately from the original image file.
  • Opening Camera Raw files as Smart Objects: Before editing Camera Raw files in Adobe Photoshop, settings need to be configured for them with Camera Raw. Once you edit a Camera Raw file in Photoshop, it cannot be configured again to Camera Raw settings without losing the changes. Opening Camera Raw files in Photoshop as Smart Objects helps in reconfiguring Camera Raw settings at any point in time, even after the entire editing is done.
  • Non-Destructive Cropping: Once we have created the Cropping rectangle with the help of the Crop tool, use the options bar, and then select>Hide to preserve the cropped area in a layer. The cropped area can be restored by choosing Image > Reveal All or by simply dragging the Crop tool beyond the edge. 
  • Masking: In Layer and vector masks because the masks can be re-edited without losing the pixels. Filter masks help mask out the effects of Smart Filters.

Top reasons to outsource photo retouching projects

  • Quick turnaround time: Whether you own a business like e-commerce or real estate or a garment company, your sales and conversions depend heavily on your product or property images. As photo editing projects are time-consuming, outsourcing them to reputed and experienced post-production service companies such as THE DIGITAL RETOUCH can ensure very fast and timely delivery of edited pictures. In case of urgency, the retouched files can be delivered high-quality images within 2 hours. Sending images in bulk volume also allows you to devote your time to other core commercial and business promotion activities.
  • The expertise of photo editing experts: It’s always preferred to let professional photo editors do their work. When you outsource images to a reliable post-production services company, they have years of rich experience & expertise in working on various latest editing software, tools, and techniques. Based on their up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, experts can modify your pictures, and turn them into appealing pictures that inspire sales. Picture editing experts can handle all the complex tasks such as Multiple Clipping Path, Compositing, Correcting the colors, photo manipulation, and others, making sure you receive the top quality photos for your business.
  • Meet the rising demand: There is an endless demand for high-quality photos for eCommerce websites and other online platforms that is pretty hard to keep up with. Since you cannot use outdated photos, the best option is to outsource photo retouching and get continuous support. That is why giving a contract for the bulk volume to a reliable graphic design company for editing in a short turnaround time is very demanding.
  • Saves your time and resources: To bring out pixel-perfect and appealing images is a big challenge. Photo editing is necessary to create a great impact on brand positioning and sales. Most of the post-production work such as Editing of backgrounds, removing shadows, levels correction, and contrast, removing unwanted elements, compositing, etc. is time-consuming and may become overwhelming. Having the post-production work outsourced to a responsible and skilled graphic design company will help you save your valuable time & resources.
  • Boosts your brand image: You can shape your business by outsourcing your photo editing projects to a processing agency and this will boost your sales, revenues, and marketing efforts. Furthermore, using high-quality and appealing images helps in high engagement and brand building that creates a positive impression about your business. Beautiful and flawless images create a benchmark of quality thereby encouraging them to buy your products.
  • Saves money on expensive tools & software: You can easily save a hefty amount of money on manpower, tools, and graphic design software by outsourcing Image Post Production. As quality pictures can be obtained by using the latest & advanced photo editing software, they can be highly expensive. Outsourcing photo editing to a trustworthy post-production company directly benefits you by eliminating all these costs & results in saving money.

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How Much Does Product Retouching Services Cost?

While outsourcing the photo editing, the pricing of your project is majorly based on the following factor:

  • Project complexity: The complexity of the task is one of the prime factors in determining the cost of retouching. A more complex task means more time consumption for a highly skilled retoucher. Therefore, it is more expensive than other medium-level or simple complexity tasks. For example, a Cut-out of a pair of shoes is simple as compared to a cut-out of a bicycle. Similarly, Ghost Mannequin Editing of Lingerie is more challenging than that of a shirt.
  • Turnaround time: In today’s world, the workflow of any fashion brand or online store, or photographer is always very fast. The time from shoot to online is very short. Therefore, a reliable retouching services company always delivers the processed images in the shortest possible time, ranging from a few hours to overnight delivery. This affects pricing.
  • Volume: Volume of images is always detrimental in fixing the cost of retouching. As an industry rule, large volume always comes at a lower price as compared to less number of images.

Generally, photo retouching outsourcing companies work on a per-image basis, hourly basis, or can also dedicate a team of graphic designers for a large project. Outsourcing bulk volume of images for retouching helps in getting a huge discount on the price. 

Get the Best Photo Retouching Services Now

If you own a Fashion Brand, Online Store, Photography Agency, Advertisement Agency, or Publishing House, Photo Retouching is an essential part of your business journey and success. You want to exceed customer expectations and stand out from the competition by presenting and showcasing your products through high-quality images. 

THE DIGITAL RETOUCH is a reputed company having a team of highly skilled and experienced retouchers to provide high-end Photo Retouching Service at an economical price and quick turnaround time. We are a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled partner for the post-production of the high-volume batch of images. We have the best infrastructure to support the workflow and ensure complete data protection. DesignRush has ranked THE DIGITAL RETOUCH as one of the leading IT Outsourcing Companies. Go for FREE TRIAL to check out the quality and process.

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