Invisible Mannequin


The Digital Retouch is recognized by fashion brands, retailers, photographers and online shops as the top postproduction company for Invisible Mannequin or Ghost Mannequin photo editing service. The technique is used to make clothing look like an invisible model wears an item of clothing. This effect is created by taking two distinct images: one of the garment on the model and one of the inner part of the garment. The invisible mannequin technique is used for almost all garments – tops, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, lingerie, swimwear, pants, dresses and skirts, etc.

Ghost Mannequin Editing Technique

The Invisible Model technique is often combined with other simultaneous editing processes such as Crease removal or reduction, Shape Correction, Cleaning, Recoloring, Matching the alignment and size of Front & Back shot, etc. This enhancement technique is widely used to generate 360 Degree Product Spins. The Invisible Mannequin technique is also referred to as Neck Joint Service. It has become widely popular in the Clothing industry because it gives the enhanced appearance of the cloth by presenting it in 3D view. As a result, the buyer gets a deeper and detailed view of the garment.

The Flat Shot and On-Model photography have been replaced by shooting the Apparel over the dummy and sending the images for Ghost Mannequin Retouching to a professional image processing company –The Digital Retouch. This leads to an improved and optimal image quality of the product. Our team provides precise and detailed creative work while removing the dummy and creating the 3D view of the article pictures. Due to the reliable and trusted digital imaging support from us, the customers have the advantage of saving huge costs by getting rid of the issues such as model scheduling for the shoot, logistics problems, and spending more time in having an error-free shoot. The Digital Retouch is the first choice for any imaging requirement as it has established itself as a highly reliable partner in constantly evolving and creating the benchmark of quality. Our pixel-perfect editing makes the products stand out in the digital showroom of reputed fashion brands.