Color Correction

Color Correction-After
Color Correction-Before

The Digital Retouch has expertise in the Color Correction of images which is cruical for the post-production of images. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor shooting session, we correct the color of the pictures and bring out the consistency in the batch of images. Color Correction is the process of adjusting and adjusting the exposure, white balance, and contrast, ISO noise of the photos to fix mistakes in the camera settings and optimize information from flat profiles. The goal of this improvement is to create a coherent look for photos that viewers find aesthetically pleasing.

Most digital cameras have the option to shoot in a RAW camera format, which captures the flattest colour spectrum. The colour may appear dull during shooting, but RAW files allow additional manipulation of images during post-production. Our team improves the colour values and dispositions. The Digital Retouch is equipped high-end calibrated monitors to perform this enhancement.

Our Colour Correction Service consists of

  • Adjusting levels and curve
  • Hue, Saturation & Lightness Work
  • Shadow & tint adjustment
  • Sharpness correction
  • Exposure & Contrast adjustment
  • Temperature & vibrancy adjustment
  • Highlights

We do this enhancement for RGB and CMYK color space. We prefer Camera RAW, CR2, NEF files for improvement in order to produce the best results. The Digital Retouch team has the expertise of colour enhancement of the pictures of all types of shoots such as Product, Fashion, Lifestyle, Still Life, Travel, Stock Agency, Food, and Aerial photo-shoot. Our very continuous service increases the production value.

We are one of the best post-production organizations to enhance digital assets for web and print use. For this reason, photographers, advertising agencies, photo stock agencies and publishing houses work with us to get accurate and consistent results in their images. Strict quality control guarantees that we deliver precise results in the edited images.