High-End Retouching


The Digital Retouch is the most trusted creative agency engaged in high-end retouching of fashion and glamour images. This includes beauty, makeup & hair retouching, detailed color correction, and manipulations. We have a team of creative and experienced artists, having expertise in the use of advanced photo manipulation tools, and software to produce high-quality luxury shots. We pay attention to every pixel of an image and maintain the enhancement completely natural by preserving the texture of the skin using non-destructive techniques. We take extreme care while improving the fashion stills for a wide range of use. Whether it’s a Website, Magazine, Full Page Advertisement, or a large poster on Billboard, our processed pictures are flawless, free from imperfection, natural, and of the best quality. The enhancement of Model shots involves many techniques depending upon the particular shot, its usage, and the effect to be generated at the end.

High End Retouching generally includes

• Skin & Hair retouching
• Regeneration of skin texture.
• Replacing the background
• Shape correction of model body
Color Correction of every part of the picture
• Brightness, Contrast & Shadow adjustment
• Clean-up of dust stains and marks.

Our team brings the ideas of the Creative Director to life for a glamour shoot. Various aspects cannot be tackled during the fashion shoot and these are taken into account during post-production by doing high-end retouching. We edit fashion images by understanding the category and use of the edited files. The skin tone and color adjustment of a Swimwear shoot have to be different from that of Lookbook.

We work with 8-bit and 16-bit images and handle all Image file formats including Camera RAW, NEF, CR2, NEF, PSD, TIFF, DNG, PNG and JPEG in addition to all others. With powerful computers and the best monitors, we have a robust platform for handling and processing big files. The perfect combination of vast knowledge base, expertise, and experience in using the latest Graphics Software, Filters, and Tools makes us the highly preferred Digital Imaging Agency for post-production of Beauty and Glamour photo-shoot. We have served world-leading magazines, agencies and publications with our state-of-the-art post-production services.